Syed Leathers


How to Take Measurements

Taking your measurement can be simple. You do not need to be a tailor, but you will need another person to help you.

Use a cloth measuring tape, or if you don't have one, use a string and a steel tape measure or yardstick to get inches for each measurement.

Hold the tape measure or string snug as you measure, but do not pull it tight. Do not add "extra room" to your actual measurements! We will make allowances according to the fit you have indicated above.


Take the time to do each measurement - especially height, weight, chest waist and hips - as we will describe below. Also, do not just write down your shirt or pants size.

If you have questions, please email us.

*Contact us here if you need assistance.

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Name *
Leathers *
Are you submitting these measurements for a repair or for a custom suit?
Around fullest part of chest under arms, with arms down.
From top of shoulder seam to chest line
Around navel.
Over pants waist band, without belt
Around fullest part of buttocks (empty pockets).
From shoulder joint to wrist
From elbow to wrist
From top of spine to shoulder joint
From top of spine to shoulder joint down to wrist
Across back from left shoulder joint to right shoulder joint
Around neck - we'll make allowance for collar. Do not just give shirt size
Around upper leg 2" above thigh
Around fullest part of upper leg
Around Thigh about 4-5" above the knee
Around fullest part of lower leg below knee
Indicate if: Just above ankle bone if worn inside boots - OR - Over boots if worn outside boots
From crotch seam to ankle bone. Provide actual measurement, not pants size
From top of shoulder seam to mid kneecap
From navel to mid kneecap
From mid kneecap to ankle bone
From navel to crotch, between legs and back up to waistline