We, SYED Leathers, are proud to serve our customers with our quality leather racing suits. Our ultimate goal & dedication for our customers is to provide safe & enjoyable top quality leather suits.
It's our honor to introduce our customers and our racing suits in action.
If you are interested to have your picture or let others hear about your experience with SYED Leathers, please feel free to let us know. We will welcome you anytime and deeply appreciate your business and passion for our suits.
Drive Safely.
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"The most durable and comfortable set of leathers I have ever owned."
"When I say durable, I mean tough enough than nails!"
"You cannot beat the fit and protection SYED delivers."
Patrick J.from Orlando, FL USA
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"I am writing this letter to express great satisfaction for the quality of your company's product."

Jeff M. from Trinity, FL USA

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"I am very pleased with the leathers your company built for my son. The Fit, protection and appearance are great."

Jeff B. from Roseville, CA USA

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"You guys did a great job. It fits like a glove!"

Emilio A.
"The quality of construction is great. I'm impressed by the quality of the leather and the stitching. It's a great product."

Thomas C .
"I wanted to thank you for producing a quality product. My SYED leathers did a fantastic job during a high-side crash earlier this year."

John T.
"I am very pleased with the quality of this suit. It has survived 3 significant crashes."

Geoff S. from Louisville, CO USA
"The workmanship, attention to detail and fit are flawless. I couldn't have made a better choice when I opted to go with SYED Leathers!"

Richard D. K.
"One full season later, I will never buy a suit from another company!"

Rich S.
"I still use my old SYED leathers you made for me in 1994. I have been down in crashes many times, but they still protect me. Thank you for an excellent product."

Jan S.
"I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you at SYED for my suit."

Gary E. from Roseville, CA USA
"The look and fit is outstanding. We have had nothing but compliments."

Miles T. from West Point, GA USA
"I have used this custom suit for at least 4 years now without complaints and wear this suit 50 events a year in every weather condition. "

David G.
"I had three crashes this year and the leathers held up and saved me from injury."

Tyler M. from Tulsa, OK USA
"Quality of the workmanship and overall fit are outstanding."

Daniel C. from Henderson, NV USA
SYED in ACTION (pictures from SYED riders)
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Hello Friends, this is Brian H. again, forgive me for not writing sooner. I have been far too busy enjoying/using my jacket! And so I would like to, finally, thank you all, and especially you Mr. Syed for your work and service. I am fully and completely satisfied with the jacket. It fits me great and the protection is far better than any other motorcycle jacket I have worn. The colors and styling are exactly what I had in mind and I've already received many compliments on it! I will definitely never again buy any motorcycle leathers from anyone but you, you can be sure of that! And actually, while I am thinking about it, do you manufacturer anything other than the full leather suits and motorcycle jackets? I'd probably buy all of my motorcycle protection from ya'll if I could!...Either way, thank you very much, I'll still be looking forward to hopefully buying a full suit later whenever that time comes. The next time I'm in Orlando, I might try to drop by and just say thanks in person! Thanks again to everyone.

Brian H.
Just got my suit in the mail yesterday. I must say ... it is EXACTLY what I wanted. The fit was great and it is perfect!!! Looks so nice, can't wait to try it out in action.

Freddi G.
I received my leathers yesterday and I have to tell you that I am blown away! The fit is excellent, the armor is in the right spots and the suit looks better than I had hoped for. Great product and great job, you have a customer for years to come. Thank you and take care!

Eric R. from Natrona Heights, PA USA
I just wanted to thank you all. I got the leathers yesterday and they fit great and look awesome. You all did a great job on my suit and the timing couldn't be better. I will highly recommend you to all of my friends.

Jamaal S.
I just have one to say, (unreal) just to tell you how good your workmanship is, I send my suit to you guys and over the phone gave you my measurements, the suit came out perfect, just perfect. I like to thank you guys for a job well done. Next time I buy a suit it will be from you guys. Nice work . Customer service was perfect easy to work with all around good company.

David L. from Miramar, FL USA
I recently had you make me a full one piece leather motorcycle racing suit and it fits like a glove. It's so comfortable to ride in yet feels like a suit of armor at the same time. The suit looks awesome and really feels like it will provide great protection when I go down. Thanks for your recommendation on doing the crotch stretch panel and for doing the front pocket.

Justin T. from Bellingham, WA USA
I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for the quick turnaround on the amazing leathers. The fit is unbelievable, they fit so well that they are about as comfortable as my pajamas - no bunching, no loose area, no extra material in the waste and ass. For a guy with a bit thicker of a physique than average European motorcycle racer, you guys are the ticket. I will never wear any "off the rack" leathers again. The leather is nice and thick, and it seems as if the protection level will be outstanding.

John H . from Ferdale, MI USA
I just got my SYED custom leather suit delivered to my door. The quality of the materials as well as the fit is absolutely outstanding, thank you so much to all the people at SYED involved. It is much better than I expected... There is really no reason to buy a ready made suit for $1,000 or more when you can have a custom made suit from SYED for only a few bucks more. Thanks again!

Peter B. from Charlotte, NC USA

Good Day, I have the suits and they look GREAT my sponsor is very happy with them. They are very comfortable as well. Thanks very much. THANK THE WHOLE TEAM FOR US AND A JOB WELL DONE. I can't wait to go racing.

Shannon and the entire Pizza House Race Team

I received my suit last week and went to Jennings this weekend. The suit fit like a glove. It was extremely comfortable and the construction was First Class. I really liked the way it looked and several people made inquiry as to were I got it and how well done it was. It gave me plenty of ventilation and was still warm with the temperature around 60 F. I wholeheartedly endorse the suit and your expertise... I would recommend your company without reservation.

Ralph H. from FL USA

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